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  • What does the information on the Performance tab mean?



    The Performance tab in the dialer admin system lets you keep an eye on the progress of your phoning in real time, both at the campaign level and phoner by phoner.


    You will see a list of your campaigns.  Click on one of the campaigns to see its agents (phoners) in the bottom area of the screen.

    AO / AR - agents online and agents ready - this tells you how many agents are currently logged in to this campaign, and how many of them are ready to take a call right now.

    DL / LiU - Dial Lines and Lines in Use - this tells you how many lines the dialer is using for this campaign.  DL is the line ratio - the number of lines being used for each available agent.  Lines in Use is the total number of lines currently in use.



    Cn / CnR - how many calls the has dialer connected through to the agents.  Cn is the total number and CnR is the percentage of the total number of calls dialed.

    C / CR - how many contacts the agents have made - C is the total number and CR is the percentage of all connects that became contacts.  Your account can be configured to specify which call dispositions are counted as contacts; the default setup is to count any yes-no-undecided-refused response to the first question as a contact.

    H - calls on hold.  On outbound dialing, not relevant (occasionally shows a small number above zero, as calls are being handed off to agents).


    D / %D - dropped calls.  These are calls that were connected to a person on the line, but there were no agents available to take the call, so the dialer had to hang up the call.  A small number of dropped calls is normal, but these calls are a wasted opportunity and annoying to the people on the receiving end.

    Total - this is the total number of calls dialed since the campaign was started for this session.

    AW / MW - average wait and maximum wait, measured in seconds.  This calculates the average length of time that your agents are waiting now between calls.  Max wait looks at the agent who has currently been waiting the longest.

    See "How can I adjust the speed of my campaign?" for more information about these numbers.


    These final numbers indicate how many busy signals, answering machines detected, no answer, operator intercepts, and faxes the dialer has called during this session.

    The RED and GREEN icons indicated whether the campaign is currently STOPPED or STARTED.


    The lower half of the screen allows you to watch agent activity, showing the agents' current status, how long they have been in that status, and the total number of calls and contacts they have handled since they logged in most recently.


  • How do I start and stop dialer campaigns?

    On the Performance tab of the Admin system, you will see a green or red dot at the right-side edge of each campaign listed.  Green campaigns are started; red ones are stopped.

    To start or stop, right-click on the campaign name.  You will see a drop-down menu, and Start and Stop are the first two options.  Once you click on start or stop, it may take a few seconds for your screen to update with the new status.

  • Can I see real-time statistics while phoning is going on?

    In the dialer admin system, click on the Crcs tab.  (CRC = Call result code)  The Crcs tab gives you three options for viewing today's call results - broken out by agent, by campaign or by list.  The "by Campaign" and "by List" options show all calls made by the dialer, including those that were handled by the dialer without being passed off to an agent.

  • How do I run reports on my phoning?

    You can access reports that analyze your productivity and results, and report on your billable usage. In the report generator, you can also lookup whether/how often you have called a phone number or person in the past.

    The address to access your reports was included in your welcome email, and it is:

    [your assigned domain]/reports

    For example, if you are assigned to the dialer at callevo5.callevo.com, your reports are available at http://callevo5.callevo.com/reports. Supervisor and admin users have access to the reports.

    When you have generated a report, you will notice that there is a "Copy All to Clipboard" button. You can click on that button, then paste the results into an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet for further analysis.

    If you need information that is not covered in the standard reports, contact us and we can talk about setting up custom report formats for you.

  • Basic troubleshooting as you make calls

    As your phoners make calls, you may be called on to resolve problems. There are two typical categories - sound issues, and connection issues.

    Sound Issues:
    If your phoners complain of static, echoes, or other sound quality issues, that is most likely a problem with your internet connection - fluctuations in the speed and consistency of your internet. Problems like that are often temporary and go away on their own, but if not, contact us to discuss it.

    If a phoner's computer has no sound at all, there are some settings to check:

    1. Some headsets have mute buttons - make sure the headset is not muted.
    2. Check the Windows Sound settings - make sure that the headset is the default device for "recording" and "playback". On Windows 10, it will look something like this:

    Connection issues:
    Sometimes a computer will lose its connection to the dialer. A momentary drop in the internet connection - anywhere along the line from the computer to the router to the modem and then out in the internet - will disconnect you from the dialer. If things seem to freeze up on the computer, look in the lower-left corner of the screen. If one or both of the indicators are RED, you are disconnected from the dialer.

    Close your browser and try logging in again.

    If you have recurring connection issues, talk with us and we will work with you to try to diagnose the problem further.

  • What does the phoner's screen look like?