• Getting Started
  • Can my volunteers phone from home?

    In 2020, everything is different.  You may wonder if the PCT/CallEvo system will work under these challenging conditions.

    YES.  Anyone with a computer or tablet and an internet connection can phone with our system.  It doesn't matter if they're in the next room, or miles away.  Phoners will operate as a team - even as they work from home.

    With chat features built in to the system, staying in touch with your team is easy.  And the real-time monitoring that you can do in the admin page will help you to make your team's work as successful as possible.

  • I hear that you offer "compliance calling" services. What does that mean?

    With increasing numbers of people having only mobile phones, and legal concerns about using predictive dialer systems to call mobile numbers, PCT now offers compliance calling – a new, entirely separately calling platform that allows you to call mobile numbers in compliance with legal requirements, quickly and efficiently.

    The compliance calling system ensures that all calls are manually initiated - you are not "power dialing" or "preview dialing" on an automated dialer.  Our Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant calling platform simplifies mobile number calling strategy and protects you against regulatory challenges and legal action. With our evolutionary Rapid Manual Initiation (RMI), we offer the fastest manual calling solution in the industry.

    Contact us for more information about how this tool can work for your campaign.

  • How do I sign up for your services?

    Contact us.  We will be happy to give you a walk-through of our system and talk about how we can help make your work more effective.  If you decide to go ahead with our services, we will send you a welcome email with your account information.  PDI users who want to connect their PCT calling system account to a PDI account should share that account information with their account representative at PDI.

  • What are the minimum specs for bandwidth and computers to be used on the PCT calling system?

    For your phoners, you will need computers (Windows, Chromebooks, or Macs) or tablets - as long as they can run a current version of software and have the Chrome browser installed, it should be fine.

    For one or two phoners at a single location, any modern internet connection should have enough bandwidth.  A stable connection is the most important factor.

    If you are setting up a phonebank at a central location, each computer will need approximately 125 kb of bandwidth, both upload and download.  This means that each megabyte of bandwidth is enough for 8 phoners.

    For the people in charge of running the phonebank, you will need at least one Windows-based computer.

  • Can I use wifi? Tablets? Chromebooks?


    WiFi - For one or two people phoning on the system from their home, wifi is fine.  You will want to be sure you're not sitting in a "dead spot" and pay attention to how many household members are also using the internet for streaming video, gaming, etc., but wifi will work.

    If you are setting up a phonebank at a central location with a number computers in an office, we recommend the use of wired (ethernet) networks. They are more stable, period.  That said, a well set up and managed wifi network can be used.  You will need to test it out and see if it provides a good phoning experience for your campaign.

    Tablets - as long as your phoners are comfortable with the size of the screen, and your wifi is good, tablets can be used on the system.

    Chromebooks - YES!

  • What does the phoner's screen look like?

  • I'm not using PDI. Can I still use the PCT calling system?

    Yes!  The PCT calling system is a full-featured system that can be used for a variety of phoning projects.  You can load your membership list to call them about an upcoming meeting, make patch-through calls as part of a legislative campaign, using data from another system, etc.  Contact us and we will be happy to talk with you about how our services can make your work more effective.

  • How is PCT different?

    There are a lot of companies offering calling services.  PCT stands out from the rest for several reasons -

    Groundbreaking compliance calling system - are you scrubbing your lists for cell phones and then hand-dialing the cell phones?  You know how frustrating and unproductive that is.  With our compliance calling system, you can call all of your target voters quickly and efficiently - while still staying in compliance with the TCPA.

    Easy to use, reliable, and fast - You have more important work to do; you don't want to spend a lot of time learning to use a complicated system.  You also don't want to waste time on a slow or unreliable calling system.

    Low cost - PCT's pricing is very competitive.  You don't need to pay high prices or sign a long-term commitment to get top-quality dialing services.

    Tailored to the needs of your work - PCT was created specifically to meet the needs of progressive political campaigns, labor organizations, and community organizations.  We know that you don't work M-F, 9-5, and neither do we!  We also have years of experience in using technology to advance progressive work, and it is part of our mission to work closely with you throughout your campaign to make sure that you are able to use the tools effectively.

    Integrated with the PDI Online Campaign Center - for campaigns using PDI, the integration between PDI and PCT is seamless.  You set up your universe and survey in PDI, load them to the calling system, and then as your phoners are talking with the voters, the results of the calls are copied back to your PDI account automatically within minutes.  It is that simple.

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